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Was Asad Shah killed for wishing Happy Easter in Scotland by Ghazi Tanveer Qadri

English News – Asad Shah executed by Ghazi Tanveer Qadri:

In Scotland Ghazi Tanveer Killed Asad Shah from claiming to be a Prophet. There are rumors that Asad Shah was killed by Ghazi Tanveer Qadri Attari in scotland because Asad Shah wished Happy Easter to Christians.

These rumors are spread by International Media Channels with big names, not just on Social Media. The reason can be to spread the hatred among people against Muslims (Islamophobia). But me as a Muslim know that wishing Happy Easter does not makes some one blasphemous.

International Media should be careful

We won’t kill any one for that and International Media should avoid publishing such fake news. We Muslims are not Isis and Isis is not Islam and Ghazi Tanveer Qadri had no relations with ISIS. The reason i am mentioning ISIS here is that they are killing people without reason and we Muslims label them as Khawarij.

Real Reason Ghazi Tanveer Attacked

The real reason behind killing Asad Shah was that he committed blasphemies(Proved in a video below) and even Ghazi Tanveer Qadri said in his statement that:” Asad Shah committed blasphemy and i killed him for that and not for wishing Happy Easter. Muhammad is Last messenger and after him there is no Messenger of Allah but Asad Shah claimed to be a Prophet and I killed him.

This is the order of Allah that no one can commit blasphemy in honor of Prophet and Quran and if any one will commit such a crime he will have face the same punishment Asad shah had to face. Even if i am here or not, until a single Muslim is here such blasphemous people will have to face this punishment.

If West wants to live peacefully than they should respect our Prophet and Quran. This statement proves that i did not killed Asad Shah for posting anything related with Easter or Christians on social media. I am follower of Prophet Muhammad May peace be upon him and for us Jesus is an honorable personality. We love him.”

After this statement Ghazi Tanveer Ahmad Qadri was send to jail on remand. Also remember that Asad Shah was killed on 24th March in his shop in Glasgow, Scotland.

Message of Muslims

Our message is this that we real Muslims are most peaceful people on the face of the earth. We can ignore and forgive if you abuse us, beat us and even kill us.

But blasphemy – degrading Honor of Rasool Allah won’t be tolerated in any part of of the world. Governments should make laws that stop people from committing such crimes. In Islam the punishment for such crime is Death Penalty. This is Islamic International law even if a state accepts it or not. But if a state will start to Punish such people themselves no Muslims will have to take step up themselves.

You should also remember the incident of Governor of Punjab Salman taseer who was killed by Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri Attari when the law did not take an action. We have also attached a blasphemy of Asad shah with English Subtitles below from several blasphemies he committed. In this video he claims to be a Prophet and calls all other prophets to be Insane – Mental (Maz’Allah)

Asad Shah Call recording in which claims to be Prophet
Daily Ummat about Asad Shah Execution
Source: Daily Ummat
Claim of Asad Shah to be Prophet due to which he was killed by Ghazi Tanveer Qadri

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