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Khwab main Mor Dekhna kesa? Peacock in Dream by Haq baat


Sawal: khwab main Mor Dekhna kesa?

Hazrat Ibn Seeren Alai Rehma ne farmaya k Nar Taus (Male-Nar Mor) Khwab main Ajam ka Badshah hai. Agar dekhai k is k paas nar mor hai to daleel hai k Badshah se martaba hasil kerai gai. Aur agar morni dekhe aur janai k isi ki Milak hai daleel hai k ajmi aurat Khubsurat Maal daar kerai ga aur us se maal aur farzand khasil kerai ga.

Hazrat Ibrahim Karmani Alai Rehma ne farmaya hai k agar dekhai k mor kabutri se jaft hua hai daleel hai k qarmsati kerai ga.

Hazrat Daniyal RadiAllaho anho ne farmaya k khwab mai Mor dekhna Fasadi Aurat hai. Agar Dekhe k mor us se batein kerta hai daleel hai wilayat paye ga aur agar mor aur chakor ko aik jaga dekhain to daleel hai koi begana us k ayaal se fasaad kerai ga.

Aur agar dekhai k mor us k ghar se ura hai daleel hai k aurat ko talaq de ga. Agar us ne mor ko mara hai daleel hai k kuwari aurat se shadi kera gai.

Agar dekhe is k hath mai mor hai daleel hai k maal aur naimat paye ga. Aur agar dekhe k is ne mor ka bacha pakra hai daleel hai k us k larki peda hoga. Aur agar dekhe mor us k hath se ura hai daleel hai k Badshah se juda hoga.

Hazrat Jaffar Sadiq RadiAllaho Anho ne farmaya k khwab main Mor Dekhna dou waja per hai. Awal: Ajam ka Badshah. Doum Maal aur Khazana.


Question: What is the interpretation seeing peacock (khwab main Mor Dekhna kesa) in a dream?


Hazrat Ibn e Seeren says that seeing a Peacock in dream means a king from Persia. If he sees that he has a peacock then this means that he will be ranked higher from the king. If he sees a peahen and that he owns it then it means k he will marry a persian beautiful and rich woman and will get money and a son from him.

Hazra Ibrahim Karmani says that if he sees a peahen and mated with her that means that he will marry a beneficial woman.

Hazrat Daniyal RadiAllaho Anho said that seeing a peacock in dream is a sign toward a knockabout woman. If he sees that Peacock talks to him then this means he will become close to Allah. If he sees a Peacock and a Barbary partridge at the same place then this means an unknown person will cause disruption in his family.

If he sees that a peacock flew from his home then that means he will give divorce to his wife. If he kills a peacock then that means he will marry a virgin woman.

If he sees a peacock in his hand then he will get Money and benefits. If he sees that he caught a chick peacock that that means he will have a baby girl. If he sees that peacock flew from his hand then that means he will get separated from the King.

Hazrat Jaffar Sadiq RadiAllaho Anho said that seeing a Peacock in dream is based on two reasons.
First: King of Persia.
Second: Money and Treasure.


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