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Namoos e Risalat aur Qanoon e Toheen e Risalat

Urdu Description

Urdu book on Namoos e Risalat aur Qanoon e Toheen e Risalat by Muhammad Ismael Qureshi. Is mai Gustakh e Rasool ki Saza aur Namoos e Risalat per pehra dene k hawalai se ilami guftgu mojud hai.

English Description

This book is on Respect of Prophet Muhammad and Law of Blasphemy. It is written by Muhammad Ismael Qureshi and printed by Al Faisal Publishers.

It is in Urdu and has a lot of value added because the writer is Senior advocate and Adv of Supreme court. This book also covers some cases and tells about this Law and how people have defended Respect of Prophet Muhammad worldwide.

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Namoos e Risalat aur Qanoon e Toheen e Risalat by Muhammad Ismael Qureshi

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