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Question: I want a taweez for strong memory (Urdu and English)

Question by Mohammad Jibrane

English: Brother i wanted a taweez for strong memory. please can you tell me how can i get it? Jazak-Allah.

Urdu: Muje Taweez Chaiye Hafiza taiz kernai k liye? Kia aap bata saktai hai muje kesai mil sakta hai? Jazak’Allah

Answer in Urdu:

Muje Taweez Chaiye Hafiza Taiz Kernai k Liye. by askhaqbaat

Answer in English:

I Want a Taweez for Strong Memory.




نصر اللہ مدنی آسوی خادم حضور مفکر اسلام پروفیسر محمد حسین آسی ؔ آستانہ عالیہ نقش لاثانی نگر شکر گڑھ پاکستان وخادم شیران اسلام
اپنے عقائد و اعمال کی اصلاح کے لئے حضور مفکر اسلام پروفیسر محمد حسین آسی کا جاری کردہ ماہنامہ ,,الحقیقہ،، کا مطالعہ ضرور فرمائیں۔ برائے رابطہ حافظ نعیم آسوی 03086302329-03007123402

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  1. Assalamilakum, I saw in my dreams the too much water is flowing on the road, if I try to cross the water I will flow in that water.I was standing next to that water and thinking. In same time a another man came and see to go throughout another way its easy for you. When went through that root again I found the water is flowing from that as well,that man and I started crossing from that water. I need to know what it mean. I seen may time the water in my dreams I don’t have any idea what it trying to say me .kindly explain me.

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