Which Ahl e Hadees are you? – Tum Kon sai Ahl e Hadees ho? (Eng+Urdu)

Ahl e Hadees Aka Wahabi (Gair Muqalid – who do not follow an Imam on fiqha) claim to be one complete sector in Islam and even to be the right one but do you know they actually are separated in parts and together make one sect. We have mentioned about 14 below.

1. Jamaat ul Dawah.
2. Gurbah Ahl e Hadees.
3. Youth force Ahl e Hadees.
4. Jamiat e Ahl e Hadees.
5. Salfi Ahl e Hadees.
6. Sanaiya Ahl e Hadees.
7. Gaznawi Ahl e Hadees.
8. Ropari Ahl e Hadees.
9. Amratsiri Ahl e Hadees.
10. Banarsi Ahl e Hadees.
11. Tauheed Ahl e Hadees.
12. Mohammadi Ahl e Hadees.
13. Gondalvi Ahl e Hadees.
14. Nazeeriya Ahl e Hadees.

From No 5 the names of there Imams are mentioned even they say they are just follower of Prophet Mohammad May peace be upon him but actually they are following there so called imams. But also we would like to know from Wahabis that which part of them is right because they even have issues with each other.

Ahl e Hadees ki kismai - Tum Konsai Ahl e Hadees

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