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Advise for Hindus on Cow Meat Issue

Hindus of India these days are sharing videos of beating Muslims brutally for selling Cow meat and in the past it was only verbal aggression even by those Hindus in the parliament. I really find it strange because they are only against the slaughtering of the Cow as they believe it to be there mother on religious grounds but have no problem with slaughtering of the bull hmm who’s the father then of there Mothers or the daughters of there Mothers. Anyway Hindus should learn from Muslims that how they can live peacefully with people of other religions. Below is the picture of a Pork Meat shop in Dubai which is haram for Muslims and Muslims are not beating the meat seller, They have highlighted that who should use it and who should not roam around this shop. If Dubai Government wants they can just get it closed and ban such shops completely. So Hindus should learn something from it which will lead to peace for sure. Also in jungles of India when the wild mother of Hindus (Wild Cows) Increase in number and become a problem for the jungle environment then the Government it self calls the Muslims to do the hunting without permits and control the number. Still they have time before everything gets too serious for the government of Modi who is famous for being Anti Islamic and there are voices that he is behind all this aggression of Hindus and using the young ones for his politics.


India k Hindu Aj kal aisi videos aam ker rahai hai jis mai Musalmano ko Gaye ka gosht bechnai ki waja se tashadud ka nishana banaya ja raha hai. Maazi mai sirf sakht zuban istemal hoti thi aur wo b Parliament mai mojud hindus ki taraf se. Mere liye ye baat bari ajeeb hai k sirf Gaye ko zibah kernai pai aitraz hai hinduo ko kyu k Hinduo k mazhab k taur pai ye un ki Maa hai lekin Bail pai aitraz nahi to Baap kon hai in ki Mao ka ya Mao ki betio ka? Nichai aik Dubai mai mojud Khanzeer k gosht ki dukan hai jo k Musalmano k liye to haram hai lekin Musalman Gosht bechnai walai ko maar nahi rahai. Gosht bechnai walo ne b wazeh ker rakha hai k kis ko nahi ana chaiye yaha. Agar Dubai ki hakumat chahai to haram gosht ko bilqul band ker sakti hai isi liye Hinduo ko is se kuch sabaq hasil kerna chaiye ta k aman rahai. India k jangalo mai jab Hinduo ki jangli maa ka gair mamuli izafa ho jaye tab sarkaar Musalmano ko khud bulati hai k in ka shikar kero bagair permit k taa k in ki tadaad control mai aye. Abhi b waqt hai is se pehle muamlaat harab ho jaye Modi k liye jo mashur hai Islam mukhalif honai mai aur ye bhi shor hai k jo kuch ho raha hai us k pichai is ka hath hai aur wo nojawan hinduo ko apni siasat k liye istemal ker raha hai.


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