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Jamaat ul Dawah Naib Ameer Hamza on celebrating Meelad un Nabi

Jamaat ul Dawah’s (Wahabi Organization) Naib Ameer Hamza 2013 also accepted and said that we celebrate Eid e Meelad un Nabi in our own way by praying and fasting. We fast on every monday to celebrate and by that way we celebrate 48 times a year. The difference between us and Brailwis is they celebrate Meelad with flags, lighting and ...

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Mazaraat Map of Jannat ul Baqi. (Urdu + English)

English: When the Salafi – Wahabis attacked Hejaz (Now Saudia Arabia) at the time it was in control of Turkey government they destroyed the tombs of Sahaba in Jannat ul Baqi and other parts of the country. Our team has now made up a Map of Jannat ul Baqi with help of Scholars to show which Sahabi’s grave is where ...

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