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Shab e Baraat Prayers Permissible according to Wahabi – Deobandi Books

According to Wahabis and deobandis it is Biddat to pray at the night of Shab e Baraat and according to some completely haram so we have quoted references from the books of there named scholars. Shab e baraat prayers are permissible. The Pamphlet is as below you can download it and Print it for your record. To read it we recommend you right click on it and save image to you computer and read it after zooming in. Share it online and also try to share if in paper form in public.

Wahabio aur deobandio k mutabiq Shab e Baraat ki raat ko ibadat kerna biddat hai aur baaz k nazdeek to bilqul haram isi liye hum ne un k naamwar ulema ki kutab se hawalai ap ko is pamphlet ki surat me de diye hai. Ap is ko apnai computer me mehfuz ker k print nikaal ker parh saktai hai aur apnai paas bhi mehfuz ker saktai hai. Is ko parhnai k liye hum yehi behtar samajtai hai k computer me save ker k zoom in ker k parha jaye. Is ko online bhi share kerai aur koshish kerai paper print kerwa k bhi awaam me aam kerai.

Front Page 1

Shab e Barat Front

Page 2

Shab e Barat Back

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