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Tahir Al Canady Al Jhangvi “The biggest Jahil” ever born, dont know the Shane Nuzool of Quran e Kareem…

Mr Tahir Al Canady Al Jhangvi didn’t write even a single book on Any Topic In His Life


Dear brothers & Sisters please listen this short clip to know the reality of Mr Tahirul qadri so called Mujaddid founder of a New Religion called Deen-e-Minhaji (Upgraded version of Deen-e-Ilahi of Akbar Badshah) .
in this short clip Mr Tahirul qadri accepted that he didn’t write even a single book in his life.
he said that it is a team work…TEAM WORK???
ok lets clear it.
whenever a research student joined an university for research purpose, he has to assign a professor by the university with topic of research and during reseacrh work professor help him/her till completion of research.
After completion of his/her research work the student has to submit it to professor and if professor think that the research work (thesis) submitted by the students are not upto the standard of the topic than he again provide him some guidelines with the material after completion the research, the book (thesis) print in the name of research student.
But in the case of Mr tahirulul Qadri all research work done by research scholors by his own name to fool innocent Muslims to Gain popularity by Using Jews Media and TV. as we all know he is also a politician and an Advocate so he know very well how to Fool innocent muslims.
Now if we accept this criteria of being an Islamic Scholor than every Professor of Islamic study is a Mujaddid/Wali/Ghaus as it is being propagated by Minhajians.
One more thing about this post to be cleared…please check the language used by the great son of mr tahirul qadri against a scholor of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat .you may be able to decide who is “Haram Ka Nutfa” as this word has been used by Mr Tahiril qadri’s son.
Who is the Kazzab???
Mr Tahirulqadri, his son or his followers and supporters???

Deleted Video by YouTube after reporting from Minhajians to hide their Batil Aqeedah:
Re Deleted due to claim from Minhajians::: now Uploaded:
unble to under why Minhajians are deleting the videos???

A Challenge to minjhajians: Prove your leader on this video

Please think…

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