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Yajooj Majooj ki Haqiqat by Allama Zafar Attari

About Yajuj Majuj in Urdu

Yajooj Majooj ki Haqiqat kia hai, Ye Kaha qaid hai, Azad ho ker kia kerai gai sab tafseelat choti c kitab mai Quran o Hadees k dalail k sath.

Musanif Allama Zafar Attari

About Gag and Magog in Urdu

This book is in Urdu and tells every thing about GAG and MAGOG from Quran o Hadees. It tells where they are locked, what they will do after freedom etc.

Writer Allama Zafar Attari

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Yajooj Majooj Ki Haqiqat by Allama Zafar Attari by Haq Baat on Scribd

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