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Why was Salman Taseer Anti Islamic?

Some people say that Salman Taseer was a Muslim but reality is that he was a Qadiani and his Wikipedia profile also confirms that but from the time he started giving blasphemous statements his Religion was constantly changing on wiki and the time we took this screenshot it said Qadiani Atheist and now it says Mirzaee which also means Qadiani ...

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Salman Taseers Anti Islamic and Blasphemous Statements

Salman Taseer has given many Anti Islamic and blasphemous statements and for that he already has been punished. The reason for this post is to tell others what actually was the blasphemous statement and that statement is at the end of this post. This image is cutting from a New Paper of Interview of Salman Taseer’s daughter in which she said that ...

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This person claimed to be Imam Mahdi but was a big fat liar.

AQAID – BELIEFS Of Gohar Shahi from his own books who claims to be Imam Mahdi but before showing the signs he died proving he was a big fat liar. Read there kufriaat below with references:   فتنہ گوہر شاہي کے باطل عقائد و نظر يات فتنہ گوہريہ بہت خطرناک فتنہ ہے اس فتنے کا باني رياض احمد گو ہر ...

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