Wahabis changing there books to hide Sunni Beliefs in them

Wahabis always try to degrade the rank of Awliya Allah by not accepting the miracles they do by the grace of Allah. Such miracles were also mentioned in Wahabi Books like scan pages added below but now wahabis are trying to hide them. In the original book the old one on right it says that Wahabis Wali said that there will be a birth of a son at Abdul Aziz keep his son’s name Muzudin hassan’ and it happened just like that.

Now in new version they printed that There Wahabis Wali said that If Allah wills a son will born and the rest is same. Now our belief is that a Wali Allah can tell such things by the grace of Allah not on his own but by changing this i think Wahabis are trying to say that he said it on his own and no one can know Ilm e Gaib even if Allah wishes MAZ’ALLAH.

Also wahabis your elders also accepted and honored Friends of Allah but the new generation of Wahabis is quite busy spreading the fitnah around by changing there books now so can have a reason to fight Ahl e Sunnah and call them kafir.wahabis-changing-there-original-refs

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