ISIS Publishing books of the founder of Wahabism – Salafis

ISIS Publishing books of the founder of Wahabism – Salafis.
We have already said that wahabis have nothing to do with Islam and Isis terrorists have approved that by supporting Wahabis. The reason is Isis fulfills all the signs of Khawarij that were told by Prophet Muhammad 1400 Years ago. Khawarij are not gonig to support Muslims at all.

Urdu: Aj Isis walai Wahabio k peshwa-imam ki kitabai chaap rahi hai aur hum ne to pehle hi keh dia tha k Wahabio ka Islam se koi taluq nahi aur aaj Isis ne un ki kitabai chaap ker phir se sabit b kerdia. Waja ye hai k ISIS kharjio k tamam nishani puri kerti hai jo 1400 Saal pehle Rasool Allah SalAllaho Alaihi Wa Alai hi Wasalam ne bayan farmayi thi. Aur Khawarij Musalmano ko to sahara nahi dai gai.


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  1. As salamalekum,

    I found this side very knowledgeable, it will guide the SUNNI people a lot.

    S. Naimuddin.

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