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Different between Hayati Mamati Deobandis and Sufi Chains

Brother Hamza A*** asked question HAQBaat Questions What is the difference between Hayati deobandi & Mamati deobandi. Some Deobandi peer associate themselves with Qadri, Suharwardi, Naqshbandi, Chisti. Are they same as barelvi ? Urdu: Hayati Deobandi aur Mamati Deobandi mai kia faraq hai. Kuch Deobandi Peer khud ko Qadri, Suharwardi, Naqshbandi, Chishti se jortai hai. Kia wo Barelvio ki tarah ...

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Countries that Ban Israeli Passport

If you do not know there are Countries that Ban Israeli Passport just because of there violence against poor Palestinians. On Wikipedia there is a complete page Arab League Boycott of Israel. They have mentioned the countries that ban Israeli passport and the only thing that is wrong there is they call it Arab League even if all the countries ...

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