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Dil ko Un se Khuda Juda Na Karai *Urdu Naat* With English Translation

 In light of Sidi Call to Allah’s command here is a translation of Ala Hazrat’s naat Dil Ko Un se Khuda Juda Na Karay (Hadaiq e Bakhshish, vol. 1, p.51, [Lahore, 1988])


Dil ko un se Khuda juda na karay

Bay-kasee looT lay, Khuda na karay

May ALLAH never separate my heart from him

May ALLAH never cause such helplessness to end!

Is mein Rozay ka sajdah ho ya tawaaf

Hosh mein jo na ho voh kya na karay!

A prostration,or circumambulation, at his tomb

He who is not in his senses, what will he not do?

Yeh wohi hain ke bakhsh dete hain

Kaun in Jurmon par sazaa na karay?

He is that very one who forgives!

Who would not punish for such crimes?

Sab tabeeboN nay dai diya hai jawab

Aah! Isa agar dawaa na karay!

All physicians have given up on me!

Oh! If this Christ does not heal me!

Dil kahan lay chala Haram se mujhe

Aray tera bura Khuda na karay!

Where was the heart dragging me, away from Mecca?

Oh heart may Allah not punish you!

Uzr-e-umeed ufuw agar na sunein

Roo siah aur kyaa bahana karay

If my Grace does not listen to my reluctant hope?

What other excuses can my black face make?

Dil mein roshan hai shama e ishq e Huzoor

Kash josh e havas huwa na karay

The light of His Presence is lit in my heart

If only my lust was also not so strong!

Hashar mein hum bhii sair dekhen gai

Munkir aj unsay iltijaa na karay

We too shall see the scene on Judgement Day

Let the deniers not call upon him for help, today!

Za’uf maana magar yeh zaalim dil

Unkay rastay mein tau thakaa na karay!

I admit my old age but this wretched heart

Should not feel tired travelling in his path!

Jab teri khoo hai sab ka jee rakhna

Wohi acha jo dil bura na karay

When it is your turn to speak keep everyone’s honour!

It will be good if my heart does not do evil!

Dil se ik zawq e mai ka talib hoon

Kaun kehta hai itiqaa na karay

My heart desires the taste of wine

Who says a pious heart would not wish so?!

Lay Raza sab chalay Madina ko

Main na jaon? Khuda na karay!

Lo! Raza, all are going to Madina.

I not go? May Allah never make it so!

Subhan Allah! I feel better already! Ala Hazrat’s kalam is definitely blessed!

The ishq pours from every pore of his verse! May Allah raise us with Ala Hazrat when he is with Our Habib!


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