Wazaif o Taweezaat

Bemari, Balao aur Musibato se mehfuz rehnai ka amal? (R.Urdu and English)

This Dua is specially for those who have Disease or illness in there family and moving forward from family to family. Now they can stop these illness and disease if they are not already affected. Others must also try this and our fees will be you to remember us in your prayers. 

English : If you see an Ill person with disease or any illness for example like fever, malaria,  hepatitis, Aids etc  and recite the Dua below then you will never get that illness. This Dua has been also tried by me and i find it useful as Imam Ahmed Raza Khan found it useful. Also you can read this dua if you see some one in trouble like caught in Loan, Having financial problems, facing legal charges etc then Insha’Allah you will never face that problem in your life.This Dua is taken from and Hadith of Tirmizi Shareef and is saying of Prophet Muhammad SalAllaho Alaihi Wasalam and sayings of Prophet of Allah always benefits.

Please Note:  That do not recite this Dua if you see a person with the following three illness because these illness are good for Humans. 

1. Flu. 

2. If Eyes get wet filled with watered or feel Pain.

3. Itchiness.


Roman Urdu:

Agar ap ye Niche tasweer me di hui Dua kisi bemar ko dekh ker parh lai gai to us Bemaar ko lagi bemari kabhi bhi ap ko nahi lagai gi chahai koi bhi bemari ho.  Is Dua ko ap kisi Musibat Zada ko bhi dekh k parhlai gai to us musibat se bhi mehfuz rahai gai misaal k taur pe kisi Qarzdaar ko, Qanuni Musibato me giraftaar ko, Rizq ki Tangi walai ko etc. Ye dua me ne bhi azmai hai aur Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan ki bhi azmai hui hai aur aik Tirmizi shareef ki Hadith se li gai hai yani Rasool Allah SalAllaho Alaihi Wasalam ka farmaan e Aali Shaan hai aur farmaan e Rasool Allah hamesha faizyab kerta hai. 

Note: Lekin ye Dua teen bemario ko dekh ker bilqul na parhi jaye kyu k un bemario ka faida hota hai aur roknai se un ko nuqsan ho sakta hai. 

1. Nazla Zukam.

2. Ankhai Dukhti ho ya Paani Behta ho. 

3. Kharish – Khujli



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