Choomna aur Sajda shirk. Reply to Wahabis with a true story. Eng+Urdu

Choomna aur Sajda Shirk / Kissing and Prostrating is Shirk. Reply to Wahabis.

A person was praying in the mosque. Whenever he prostrated instead of touching his nose and forehead with the ground he kissed the floor. A wahabi was seeing all this and when that person finished his prayer then Wahabi asked What were you doing? Then that person said i was praying. Is this the way to Pray? You illiterate person you do not know how to prostrate. You were just kissing the floor. To prostrate you have to put your forehead and nose on the floor. Then that person replied that O Illiterate when it is not prostrate to kiss the floor then how come kissing a Friend of Allah’s feet or a Tomb becomes prostrate (Shirk) ?

Ak shakhs masjid mai namaz parh raha tha wo shakhs jab sajda kerta to farsh per peshani aur naak rakhnai k bajaye har bar farsh chumta, Aik wahabi sath khara ye dekh raha tha jab us shakhs ne salam phera to wahabi ne kaha tum kia ker rahai thai? To us ne kaha mai namaz parh raha tha’ wahabi ne kaha namaz aisai parhi jati hai? Jahil insaan tum ko to sajda kerna hi nahi ata. Tum to farsh ko chum rahai thai sajda kaha ker rahai thai? Farsh chumnai se thorai sajda hota hai naak aur peshani rakho gai tab sajda hoga. To us shakhs ne kaha. O Jahil! Jab farsh ko chumnai se sajda nahi hota to kisi wali k pao chumnai ya mazar chumnai se kesai sajda ho jata ha?




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